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One is wiser for travelling 10,000 miles than studying 10,000 scrolls

--Chinese proverb

Understand Worlds

In our lifetime, there has been an exponential boom in knowledge creation, changing what we know and sometimes turning on its head what we've been taught and thought was true. Continuously reassessing the validity of our what we think we know (practicing epistemic humility) and deepening our understanding of inner & outer worlds helps us to evolve and adapt. For example, we are now making headway towards knowing how we "work". The human genome was only fully sequenced in 2003, and we are just beginning to discover the complex way in which our genes interact with our environment and experiences and express themselves according to those interactions. That is only one field among many that has changed how we understand ourselves and the impact our circumstances have on us, and vice versa.


A key component of our mentoring sessions is to introduce new knowledge that augments the way we view our situation and the issues we are grappling with, thereby expanding the range of viable solutions. Consider us your personal research librarian. Depending on your interests and concerns, we prescribe relevant reading, videos, podcasts, online or in-person seminars, courses, workshops, or conferences, etc. We then help you make sense and relate it to your life and the decisions you need to make.


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Discover Worlds

The work of discovery, learning, and growing takes time, energy and space, both physical and mental. The easiest way to do that is to step outside of one's ordinary world (the "call to adventure"). Solo retreats and sabbaticals requires the traveller to leave the comforts of one's usual routine and social circles in order to see ourselves reflected back at us through fresh eyes. At the same time, we discover totally new cultures, environments, ways of thinking and being. Exploring locales where we do not understand the language or customs widens our scope of attention and creates opportunities for us to learn new knowledge and skills or adopt unfamiliar viewpoints in order to adapt. This active stepping out of our ordinary world into different worlds allows us to access hidden resources and imagine new possibilities for ourselves.

Based on your current situation, needs, interests, and aspirations, we tailor solo retreats (1-3 months) or solo sabbaticals ranging from 3 months to a year in duration. For those who are able to work remotely, we can tailor the plan according to your work commitments. Trips may include:

  1. Curated Healing Experiences -- from surf lessons with trauma-informed instructors to equine therapy, forest bathing, foraging, shamanic rituals etc.

  2. Recommendations for Suitable Therapists -- psychotherapy, voice, body, breath, nutrition, sound, meditation, EMDR etc.

  3. Leisure & Enrichment Activities

  4. Networking & Professional Development Opportunities -- talks, workshops, conferences, meetups etc.

  5. During the trip, we remain in contact, guiding you through reflection exercises