Back-to-School: Self-Care During Covid-19

University of Michigan-based TRAILS have created many useful mental health & resiliency resources for students in Grades 3-12, including a psychoeducation section on trauma where I found their handy & helpful handout on Grounding Skills (pictured below) that many people will no doubt find useful in these uncertain times. In addition, they have an entire section of Covid-19 resources for educators, mental healthcare providers, parents, and students, just in time for back-to-school. Be sure to check out Self Care During Covid-19 for Everyone, which includes practice tips and material on:

  • Recognizing and validating grief

  • Staying in the Present

  • Separating out what you can and cannot control

  • Noticing and managing your worried thoughts

  • Paying attention to joy

  • Finding the right balance of structure and flexibility

  • Getting active

  • Investing in social connectedness

Grounding Skills handout by can be accessed here

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