Health Begins with Breath

We go to school for decades, but we can still go through most of our lives without a good understanding of our own physiology. There is no #humanmanual telling us #howhumanswork. And when some schools aren't even allowed to teach students about their own reproductive systems, how are we supposed to have a sense of agency over our own bodies and minds?

It occurred to me that a good place to start is with breath. Breath is so fundamental to life, yet most of us have never been taught how to breathe, and different ways of breathing -- through the nose vs. mouth, long vs. short, emphasis on inhale vs. exhale, breathing into lungs or belly, upper chest or sides etc. -- yield different health consequences. The quality of air we breathe in also impacts our physical & mental health, which is why assessing #airquality in our living and working environment is also important. Breathing well calms body and mind, improves physical and mental performance, and research continues to be done on other benefits including longevity. And as my favorite #Pelotonrunningcoach Matty likes to end his class: "Breathe in the good shit, breathe out the bullshit."

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Pranayama hasn't been a regular part of my yoga practice. I only recently discovered that one of my favorite teachers, Wendy Wyvill, has been offering 30-minute pranayama (breathing exercises) + meditation classes on instagram.

Since taking Wendy's classes, I'm curious to dive deeper into these books and teachers recommended by her:

1. Breath by James Nestor

2. Dr. Belisa Vranich

For a while, I had also been following Stig Severinsen's Breatheology and took his free online courses. But it's not easy keeping up a steady, constant practice, especially when there's nobody to motivate me. I need a #breathingbuddy so I'm happy I stumbled on Wendy's classes. As always, #whenthestudentisready...

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