Music Motivation: Step by Step

As #Peloton instructors Matty Maggiacomo and Ally Love led me through the paces of a #WhitneyHouston run+arms workout, I was reminded of music's ability to help us tap into inner strength we didn't know we had. Matty inspired us on the treadmill by recounting how Whitney healed a nation at war when she sang the national anthem at the Super Bowl XXV in 1991. But it was when Whitney's rendition of "Step by Step" came on during Ally's class that I really connected with how #musicheals:

"I know you're hurting

I know you're blue

I know you're hurting

But don't let the bad things get to you

I'm taking it...

Step by step Bit by bit Stone by stone Brick by brick

Step by step Day by day Mile by mile Go your own way

C'mon baby, gotta keep movin'

We're in a world of pain right now -- COVID-19, corrupt & dysfunctional governments, economic disruption, polarization of countries and many last straws piling on people who had already been carrying their injustices and burdens with immense grace. Only yesterday, I got news of the "apocalyptic" devastation in Beirut by a friend who was there with her two teenage girls. My heart breaks for them. But for those in the thick of crisis and trauma, they don't have that luxury. For now, let's take it #stepbystep, #breathbybreath so we can rally around those who need us. #PrayforLebanon #BeirutBlast

NB: The original song was written and performed by Annie Lennox, another one of my favorite divas who helps me feel what I'm really feeling)

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