Serendipitous Sunday: Drawing Connects

Caption: Drawing by Matt LaCross

Now that I'm back in the U.S., I've revived my old Sunday morning ritual of reading the hard copy Sunday New York Times. Lately, I've only been flipping through it half-heartedly though. This morning, I came across the article about Chanel Miller and her upcoming drawing exhibition. Chanel Miller, if you have not heard of her, wrote this powerful 12-page victim impact statement (Trigger Warning). Before writing this statement, Miller "spent hours with a black marker in hand, standing in front of three white poster boards taped to a closet door, drawing assorted bushy-tailed, beaked and humanoid creatures riding scooters, bikes and vehicles of her own invention along a circular road. She created this whimsical scene before starting the excruciating process of writing the victim impact statement — as a way of clearing her head and also reconnecting to a talent that has been a source of strength since childhood."

So I was already thinking about the healing properties of drawing when I walked into Anthem for an afternoon coffee. There was only one person sitting in the coffee shop when I walked in, and he was drawing.

Since the #coronaviruslockdown, what I've missed most are #randomencounters at #coffeeshops. I was so drawn (pardon the pun) to it, that I struck up a conversation with him. It turns out that Matt LaCross specializes in #continuouslinedrawing, which only made me more impressed that such complexity is the result of one line. We chatted for a bit about how writing and drawing are both great tools; the creative process allows us to connect with our own truth (even if it's only true in that moment) and express things that sometimes we didn't even realize needed expressing until it's literally on paper. #PowerFlowsfromTruth.

I love the drawing that Matt was working on -- two inter-connected, inseparable #faces. That's how I view people, we are all connected; it's just a matter of distance.

#honestexpression #honestyheals #artheals #drawingheals #freeexpression #hopeinart

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